Chambers Travel was established in 1990.  We attribute our success to the personalized quality service we provide.  Throughout the years there have been many changes in the airline industry, and we have adapted to the ever-changing environment while keeping our clients’ best interests in mind. 

Travelers have 24/7 online access to personal itineraries, electronic ticket records and electronic expense receipts, including the ability to retrieve, review, print and e-mail data.
Multiple language capabilities are available: Customers of Worldspan users can choose among 10 language preferences
Complete PNR segment and destination information can be accessed via ViewTrip, including flight confirmation numbers, departure and arrival times, electronic ticket information, flight duration and mileage, on-time flight status, meal information, hotels, car rentals, destination maps, weather, driving directions and more


We have a main corporate profile to include all negotiated corporate rates, and each traveler will also have an individual profile in our system that provides ALL pertinent information to book a complete reservation, such as legal name, seating preferences, hotel numbers, car rental numbers, etc. If we notice that the traveler does not have a frequent flyer number or other numbers on file with us we will offer the information to sign up.


We can offer electronic ticketing worldwide when the airline permits it. We process reservation requests via telephone using our toll free 800 number nationwide, e-mail. We will confirm the reservation confirmation to the traveler either by email or telephone, whichever way the traveler prefers. The traveler can also view the confirmed reservation anywhere in the world online here

Our experienced agents will offer high quality professional service while being responsible to find the lowest possible fare. We guarantee the lowest fare comparing the exact times, city pairs, airline and itinerary. They will also be responsible to track any unused ticket, either paper or electronic, that is booked through Chambers Travel.


While our regular office hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday Central Time, our clients have access to assistance 24 hours a day/7 days a week. This number can be accessed worldwide to reach a travel counselor who is an extension of Chambers Travel. It is a reliable quality service that can assist with virtually every travel emergency. The computerized online bridge with our agency enables any counselor the traveler reaches to obtain all the profiles of our client to complete the reservation. We have taken the security measures necessary to allow our travelers piece of mind knowing they have assistance 24/7 worldwide by allowing for the flexibility of getting their emergency tickets issued worldwide.


Our agents are very experienced in both domestic and international travel. We take pride in our state-of-the-art automation and are confident that it is not necessary for a representative to be on-site to deliver the high standard of service we maintain. We currently work with many companies located locally and nationwide.

Visa/Passport processing is available; there are fees associated with the process depending on the expediency required.


The automation of the travel industry is becoming more dependent on the computer system. However, most cases involving a disruption of the traveler’s flights are not due to a system failure but because of a lack of communication between the agency system and the vendor. In this rare situation, we recommend the traveler call our office and state the emergency. The traveler will get an agent immediately to rectify the problem. Again, if it is not during our hours of operation, they will have the assistance of our after-hours line 24/7. If the problem was caused by Chambers Travel, we will do whatever it takes to solve the problem at no monetary cost to our client. If the problem was caused due to the vendor, we will take action on behalf of our client and do everything in our power to help solve any problems associated with the situation.


We can offer negotiated corporate rates with thousands of hotels worldwide. The traveler will be offered the lowest rate available at the time of booking. If the hotel requested does not show availability in our system, we will then call the 800 reservation center. If still not available, we will call the hotel directly wherever it is located, worldwide. Therefore, our policy offers absolute last room availability. We guarantee hotels for late arrival with the traveler’s credit card or corporate card. If the traveler cancels with the hotel directly or with Chambers Travel/after hour assistance by the deadline set forth by the hotel, the traveler will not be charged a no show fee. If there are extenuating circumstances that caused a no show fee, we will contact the hotel directly on behalf of our client to try to help get the charges reversed.


We pride ourselves on our attention to detail to make every group, no matter how large or small, a successful event. Every group fee structure is based on the extent of the individual group and will be provided in an overall quote.

When all the travel is consolidated at our agency and has a 6 month history, we can take the information to the car rental companies, hotels, and airlines to negotiate better rates. Of course, the dollar amount spent with each vendor will determine the amount of any discount offered.

Chambers Travel will insist on creating a corporate policy to meet the unique needs of our client or review current policies in place at no cost to our client.

We have adapted to the ever changing environment while keeping our clients' best interests in mind. Saving money and attention to details are our top priorities. We are able to accomplish this because of our experienced staff and state of the art computer system. We strive to have each and every traveler experience seamless travels globally.
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